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Floral Preservations for All Occasions

“But Let Patience Have Her Perfect Work.…” James 1:4 NKV

Our Specialties

At The Patient Petal, we are experts in the art of floral preservation, capturing the beauty and essence of each bloom for a lifetime. Whether it’s a wedding bouquet, a graduation corsage, or a sentimental arrangement, we specialize in preserving these floral memories for any occasion. While colors and shape may change during preparation, our meticulous process ensures that each petal is carefully preserved and arranged so that you can relive your special moments for years to come. 

Weddings & Anniversaries

Whether you’re saying “I do” or celebrating years of marital bliss, flowers are an integral part of these momentous occasions. At The Patient Petal, we specialize in preserving both wedding and anniversary bouquets, capturing the love and commitment that each petal represents. Our meticulous preservation process ensures that your special moments are frozen in time, allowing you to relive your happiest days for years to come.


Graduations signify a momentous achievement and a transition to a new chapter in life. Corsages, boutonnieres, and congratulatory bouquets are often gifted to celebrate this accomplishment. By preserving these floral gifts with The Patient Petal, you can hold onto the joy and pride of your graduation day for years to come. Our preservation process ensures that your academic achievements are forever commemorated.

Memorial Services

Floral tributes at memorial services are a heartfelt way to honor and remember loved ones who have passed away. The Patient Petal offers specialized preservation services to keep these sentimental arrangements as lasting keepsakes. Our careful techniques ensure that the emotional significance of each bloom is retained, providing you with a tangible memory to cherish and reflect upon.

Bundled Savings

10% off

Square Set: The Hyssop & The Fig 

Purchase a Large and Small Square together and get a 10% discount.

Circle & Square Duo: The Willow & The Myrtle

Mix The Willow 9 inch circle with The Myrtle 8 inch square and enjoy a 10% savings.

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Featured Pieces

Discover the best of what The Patient Petal has to offer with our carefully curated selection of featured products. These standout frames are not only aesthetically pleasing but also offer the highest quality in floral preservation. Don’t miss the chance to make your special moments last a lifetime with these customer favorites.


Our Hexagons are showstoppers, perfect for preserving grand bouquets or intricate arrangements.



Compact yet elegant, our Squares are perfect for preserving bouquets or individual blooms, making them a budget-friendly choice.

Standing Circle

This Circle frames offer a classic look, ideal for any floral arrangement, from wedding bouquets to anniversary flowers.

Add Us to a Registry!

Looking for the perfect gift? The Patient Petal offers gift cards as a great way to give the gift of choice. They are also a great addition to any registry!

Simplified Ordering & Swift Delivery

At The Patient Petal, we’ve streamlined the process of preserving your cherished memories. Simply send us your fresh flowers within 24-48 hours of your special event, and we’ll take care of the rest. Our experts will craft a beautiful keepsake that you’ll receive back in no time. For more details, visit our Process page.

“I was blown away when I received my piece from The Patient Petal. My bouquet had sat in a closet for 6 years! It is now beautifully arranged around our wedding photo and will be safely preserved for generations to come.”

– Jael

“Thank you to the Patient Petal for perfectly preserving my flowers and seashells that my best friend and I find together at the beach. They did a great job by adding a picture of us so we can reminisce on those meaningful memories.”

– Jolie

“So grateful for the Patient Petal for beautifully preserving an image of me and my best friend for my custom order! They picked out the best flowers that matched my image and placed them to fit the mold perfectly. I will definitely be using them again to preserve flowers from my past bouquets!”

– Kalyn

We Deliver & Ship all over the Continental USA!

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