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How It Began

My name is Bethany and I started The Patient Petal after I realized how meaningful it was to preserve my wedding flowers. I am deeply sentimental & I love sharing gifts as a way of showing care for someone’s interests, joy & my gratitude.  My husband Daniel & I had the most beautiful wedding. There was an incredible amount of support from family & friends to make that event the daydream it was. As a way to thank everyone for their generous support, I made unique arrangements of our flowers in epoxy resin as wedding remembrance gifts.  My hope is to provide the same joy for others with memorable displays to sweetly remember any occasion.

Throughout my youth into adulthood, a simple verse served as a guide through many circumstances: But Let Patience Have Her Perfect Work…(James 1:4 NKV).  I wouldn’t say I followed that advice everyday of my life, but it played a key role when finding my life partner. I’ve learned I can’t achieve perfection by my own ways, but patience lays the groundwork for a perfect God to bless my life, including finding my precious husband.

The Patient Petal will serve as my daily reminder to work, & perform in enduring patience while creating keepsakes for forever memories. 

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