Your Questions, Blossoming into Answers

What is the Patient Petal?

The Patient Petal is a flower preservation business located in Stuart, Florida that uses your flowers from memorable events using high-quality epoxy resin at affordable prices.

Can you use my already dried flowers?

Yes! We can preserve flowers that you dried yourself or even a bouquet that’s been dried for years. 

Can you use my artificial florals?

In short, yes. However, not all materials will look the same once cast in the resin. Materials like cotton can look wet once it has been cast. If you are concerned about the finished product, send us a message so we can properly assess your bouquet before you order. 

Can you include pictures & invitation cards?

Yes! We recommend you keep all original documents and photos. Please send at least two copies of what you would like included to ensure the final product has no errors. 

Can you include other items?

Yes! We love adding special trinkets and other ornaments to further personalize each piece. Not all materials will react well in resin. For example, wooden objects often will not be acceptable, but not entirely out of the question as long as they can be properly covered in a sealant. Message us before ordering so that we can help you be confident in your final product. 

When do I send you my flowers?

It is ideal that we receive the flowers as soon as possible in order to maintain the color and quality. We recommend you ship your stems out as close to the event date as possible. It is also recommended to overnight your shipment, but it is not required. Just remember petals are delicate so the least amount of time in transit is ideal!

How do I package my bouquet?
Please click here for the instructions for packaging and mailing your bouquet. 
How long does it take?

Just like our name states, The Patient Petal process will require some patience before completion. Not only is every display unique, but the time for creating a long lasting memory will differ per piece. We promise the wait will be worth it! Depending on process requirements, please account for a 2-3 month wait time.

Can I cancel my order and receive a refund?

Yes. You can cancel anytime BEFORE you send us your flowers and receive a full refund minus credit card processings fees (if applicable). It will be a complete confirmation of your order once we receive your flowers, in which case no refund will be returned. 

What if you don't use everything?

We do not guarantee a return of any objects except your final piece. Please send anything you would like to be added in the final display but do not need returned if not used. 

Send Us Your Flowers!

Step 1: 

Layer together 2 or 3 damp paper towels. Place the stems in the middle of the layered towels. Wrap them snug around the base of stems.

Step 2: 

Place the wrapped stems in plastic wrap or sandwich bag in order to seal in the moisture. Secure with a rubber band. 

Step 3:

Gently wrap your bouquet in newspaper or packing paper. Limit how often you handle or touch the petals to limit bruising that may show up once cast in epoxy. We highly recommend avoiding plastic elements such as bubble wrap.
Plastic helps to lock in moisture which might cause blooms to wilt or even aquire mold if covered in such materials. 

Step 4: 

Lay the wrapped bouquet in a box partially filled with crumpled newspaper or packing paper. Once gently secured, fill the rest of the box with more paper.
Packing peanuts are highly recommended againt as they may cause the same unwanted results as listed in Step 3

Step 5: 

Mail your box! To give your blooms the best protection in transit, consider using a double walled corrugated box. We encourage you to ship your bouquet within the first 2 days of your event which is a separate charge not included with our service. It is highly recommended all flowers are shipped overnight in order to preserve your freshest flowers!
We will email you these steps and our mailing address once your booking is complete!

Step 2:

Step 4:

Return shipping is FREE! Your patience is appreciated while your forever memory is carefully preserved. The intricate process takes time, but we promise the wait will be worth it. The turnaround time varies depending on demand, but you can generally expect to receive your item within a few months. We thank you in advance for letting “patience have her perfect work” James 1:4!
We understand unforeseen events happen. If for any reason you request a return on your purchase, we offer a FULL refund, minus credit card processing fees (if applicable), for any bouquets not yet sent to us. Once we receive your bouquet, the purchase is no longer refundable. Thank you for your understanding!
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