Our goal is to empower your decision to trust us with your preservation, and we hope the following information will help match your expectations with our commitment to you.  So please take a moment to review and agree to the following terms of our preservation process.  (Don’t worry, it’s not boring legalese!)
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Preservation Process Time
All pieces are handmade with a unique process from start to finish. Returning your remembrance block can take several months. Upon receiving your florals, their return can average 3-4 months. In some cases it could be longer. It’s always fun to practice having patience,…right? We think so!
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Sending Us Your Items
When sending florals, we encourage you to overnight ship/mail them no later than 1-2 days after your event. Choosing not to overnight creates a higher risk of wilting, discoloration and bruising to your florals. It never hurts to send us several arrangements, too, so that we have spares in case of damage during shipping. Please note, we do not guarantee the return of any florals not used in the final product.  Alternatively, if it is convenient for you to personally drop off your florals, please contact us to schedule a time for you to meet us in person.  The Patient Petal is located in Stuart, FL.
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Cancellations / Refunds
We understand circumstances can change beyond anyone’s control.  The Patient Petal recognizes that you are making a substantial and long-term investment in what we all expect will become a beautiful family heirloom, and we want you to be absolutely thrilled about your decision, from start to finish!  So we offer a very flexible cancellation/refund policy, which essentially allows you to cancel your order at any time, up until we receive your florals.  Your refund amount would be the full amount of what you had already paid, minus any transaction fees for previous payments and the coming return. We pack all floral blocks carefully, however; we are not responsible for possible damages during shipping.  Hopefully, our shipping partners will handle your treasure with extra love and care, but sometimes accidents happen.
We DO NOT return purchases for gift cards or blocks purchased with a gift card. If you need to review gift card purchases further, please click here. 
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Floral Quality and Expectations
It is our mission that your best and most lively looking flowers make it into your final piece(s), but flowers are very delicate and are prone to various color and shape changes throughout the preservation processes. For example (but not limited to), red and white petals are most likely to change color once dried. Red hues might change through a spectrum of red, purple and brown on occasion. White petals might become different shades of yellow.  There is no way to know for certain until we near the end of the process, and we understand that any changes in appearance of your flowers can be disappointing. We definitely strive to live up to your expectations, but sometimes nature just will not cooperate.  
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Sorry, No Succulents
We love all plants but unfortunately, we can not preserve some of them in epoxy (unless they are fake!). Succulents are especially troublesome because they retain a lot of water, and objects must be completely dry when put into epoxy.  So to ensure a fabulous final piece, we simply steer clear of juicy things!
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Don’t Pet the Petals!
Your physical memories, are generally most vulnerable when you are preparing to send them to us.  Regarding perishable items such as flowers, we cannot emphasize enough how delicate they can be (so here we are again, emphasizin’).  They are even prone to bruising and contamination which you may not see while handling but could show up once submerged in epoxy.
Because of this, we strongly recommend that you minimize handling your floral items as much as possible.  Use thin gloves to avoid skin contact whenever practical, and please don’t pull apart any arrangements unless they are simply too big to ship as-is.
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Forever is Relative
There are several epoxy brands on the market and we have experimented with them in order to ensure we are providing the clearest and most gorgeous final pieces. Regardless of brand, yellowing or an amber glow can appear in the epoxy over time. Please keep your remembrance pieces away from intense light in order to slow the aging process and delay the appearance of amber tint. Direct sunlight, especially UV light, is the most reactive, but artificial light such as lamps or being placed directly under ceiling lights may increase the amber effect as well. If it occurs, though, the effect does not look “bad;” we think a small amount of amber glow actually creates a romantic, antique warmth to a piece.  But it may otherwise be an unwelcome surprise if we did not explain it in advance here.
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Hope for Perfection; Expect a Few Flaws
The Patient Petal strives to preserve every piece to perfection, and we are very, very careful because we do most of this by hand and we get few to zero chances at a do-over.  Still, we sometimes make unfixable mistakes.  Most are so small that most clients would not even notice; but we definitely will. Here are some examples of the most likely imperfections in any piece:
  • Air bubbles near objects or around the edges. Don’t worry, though, because our bubble hunters are ready to score the next pop! It’s so satisfying!
  • Hair, dust, lint, fuzz, etc. We strictly maintain a clean workshop, including the air quality, and we do continuous quality checks throughout each stage of our intricate process to eliminate any contamination. But no matter how hard we try to stop them, sometimes the tiniest hair or fuzz still finds a way to come home with you. 
  • We purchase silicone molds from brands that construct high quality, sturdy, and form holding shapes. Once the components of epoxy are mixed, the solution becomes very hot which might cause materials touching it to expand. If this happens, the final product will not alarmingly result in a triangle when you ordered a square! Realistically, using the square example, the sides might gently bow inward, but the integrity of the shape itself will not change. 
Yay, you made it! That wasn’t so bad, was it?  Now all that is left is for you to please double check the items in your cart before filling out shipping and billing information.
We are so honored that you have placed your trust in us to transform something so fragile and precious into an ageless vessel of beautiful memories!

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